Filling a Gallery Space: Creating a World of Tile

A couple of years ago, I was approached by a unique institution here in St. Louis called COCA, or the Center of Creative Arts, to show my work in their gallery. Since I typically work on permanent large scale installation pieces, I relished the challenge of creating work to fill this inviting gallery space thatContinue reading “Filling a Gallery Space: Creating a World of Tile”

Inspiration: Finding Connections

Where does my inspiration come from? Most often when I receive a project, there is some framework in mind from the client. Occasionally, this framework can be specific with imagery in mind, but more often then not, they are very vague and have an outline of “we want the piece to reflect the spirit ofContinue reading “Inspiration: Finding Connections”

Cats, Chickens, Wild Boars Oh My

  Ever since I began my career as an installation artist, I have been creating giftware on the side. Oftentimes these custom works provide challenges comparable to my large murals in their scope of design. Never one to quash a client’s vision, I have taken on everything from painting tiny hot air balloons to aContinue reading “Cats, Chickens, Wild Boars Oh My”