Offering a unique approach to the typical backsplash or fireplace surround, I create hand painted and crafted tile work that represents varying aesthetics and styles. From Renaissance Italian design to painstakingly painted trout, my work brings the client’s personal style to their particular project. I work with intricately pieced puzzles of clay that are individually painted and installed to create truly custom additions to residential spaces. It is often the residential clients who have the most specific and unexpected requests that can lead to the most inspired artistic response.

From doctor’s offices to restaurants, I have created both intricately painted mosaic murals as well as “deconstructed” mosaics featuring hundreds of small pieces of painted clay installed with individual nails. My work is always site specific and highly influenced by its environment. Working with the client, I devise a design that both reflects and magnifies the aesthetic of the architectural space. I enjoy working with clients and discussing the multiple options that my work offers for different spatial applications.